Get up out of your chair and stay loose on your sales calls. You will speak clearly and sound confident.   When you sit for long periods of time – you tense up and sound weak on the phone. Stay loose! Get a stand up desk if you can.   Standing up and moving […]

Every time you get on the phone with a prospect you should be ready to: 1. Listen  2. Develop a positive, memorable and quick relationship 3. Communicate the in’s and out’s of your product as it would match up to that persons needs. I want to focus on the relationship and being memorable part. Even […]

Experience is great but potential is better when hiring inside sales reps. One of the most important things I look for when hiring is sales potential. I’m looking for someone who hasn’t exploded out of their shell and hasn’t been given the opportunity to be a rockstar in sales. Having tons of sales experience is […]

Communication is the single largest challenge for Inside Sales Reps. According to several studies, upwards of 90% of communication is non-verbal and is done through body language. It’s hard to contest that simple one on one in person communication is still the best form of communication. In order to achieve the highest level of communication […]

What happens when you are trying to move a deal through your pipeline and your main contact is not the final decision maker or the deal has multiple decision makers. In this situation you have 2 options. 1st Best Option: Line up another demonstration with any missing decision makers You can’t rely on your primary […]

You give an awesome demo and the prospect says: “Looks great, but I need to run things by a couple more people.” After that statement you have to be prepared as an inside sales professional. Why this is a problem if you don’t do the right thing: Your contact becomes the sales rep of your […]

Good sales follow up is no sales follow up because you closed the deal that day. Here’s how you close all of your other deals with great inside sales follow up. The goal is NOT to rush people into making decisions; it’s to encourage quick evaluation of the solution when the prospect’s interest is highest […]