Marketing and Sales Unite

Sales and Marketing

Are you on the marketing team? This is how you win the respect of the sales department:

We are learning a lot over the past couple years about tools and strategies that are primarily focused on driving leads to the top of the sales funnel.

There seems to be a lack of good content around the marketing team’s role in helping inside sales teams convert these leads into paid customers.

How are you supporting your inside sales team and making sure that you are maximizing the returns on marketing efforts?

Marketing must have a good relationship with sales to create a healthy revenue machine that is not only putting leads in the top of the funnel, but making sure they are converting further down the funnel.

It is sales responsibility to give feedback to the marketing department about what aspects of your product are most valuable to each vertical / role. For example: Feature “A” may be really important to a manager, but not as important to an Executive. Or Feature A,B,C may be really important to vertical “A”, but not the most valuable feature set for vertical “B”. This will help marketing prepare the most powerful materials for sales reps to share with their prospects.

Marketing can support the sales team by:

Building vertical specific content and materials to support sales conversations. A bonus is for marketing teams to provide position (Title/Role) specific benefits and materials.

Provide materials that will help sales reps be more relevant and generate quick rapport.

Generic selling points and materials on the website that speak to a broad audience are not going to get results. Inside Sales reps will see the most success when they are relevant and communicating benefits that are meaningful to the prospects industry and role at their company.

Materials that you should look to provide your sales team:
– Benefits
– Testimonials
– Case Studies
– White papers
– Customer Lists
– Competition comparison
– Industry Research
– Slide Decks
– Product Use Case Videos and Diagrams

There is obviously a lot more types of materials. The key is to build off those foundational materials and make more targeted versions for each type of prospect.

Please share anything I am missing in the comments.

Press on!


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