Sales Enablement for Inside Sales



Sales Enablement, Marketing Automation, Sales and Marketing Alignment.. This has been popping up all over the web.


Sales enablement is about empowering the salesforce with everything they need to be RockStar Inside Sales Reps.


Today I will focus on customer facing sales enablement.


Marketing Collateral (PDF’s, Whitepapers, Case Studies, Testimonials)
ScreenSharing Demo Tools (GoTo Meeting,, ClearSlide)
Demo Recordings


The future is how we bring the advantages of the outside sales “face to face” experience to inside sales.


GoToMeeting pioneered this and was one of the first customer facing sales enablement tools for inside sales reps. With GoToMeeting, you were finally able to engage your prospects over a phone call to show off your product and sell remotely.


The future for Sales enablement is going to be how to connect marketing departments with sales teams in the middle and later stages of the pipeline. Marketing and Sales alignment isn’t just about marketing automation and generating quality sales ready leads; The future is about providing selling materials, content, and tools that will help sales reps sell more effectively in online demonstrations, follow up phone calls and emails.


More importantly, marketing teams will supply sales reps with easy access to selling materials for every unique selling scenario.


Each prospect has different needs and only should receive materials relevant to their needs. Websites are generic and providing unique materials relevant to each prospect to be shared with their team is going to be the key to success. To be a top performer and beat the competition – inside sales reps can not be sending the same pdf marketing pages or sales sheets to every prospect; they need to customize them.


Marketing professionals should look to put together a variety of awesome marketing materials that speak to the different segments of their market (size of company, industry, region, type, etc) and look to empower sales reps by making these materials easily accessible through Dropbox, Box or another Clound Content Sharing tool.


With these tools and easy accessible materials; Sales reps will then be able to act fast and deliver materials to help them in their presentations and follow up conversations.


Ultimately this will help inside sales reps to be more relevant, close more deals, and make more money for themselves and their business.


Go Get Em

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